Scorm and Captivate 3 - new attempts

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Scorm and Captivate 3 - new attempts

My company is using moodle for training. Each course in our environment consists of one Captivate 3 driven training session using SCORM 1.2.

Almost everything is working just perfectly except for a few minor details that would make new attempts and reviewing your best attempt much easier.

As of now when you click on the course all you see on the page is one item for course content with the mode options of radio buttons for - Preview and - Normal, the checkbox for Start a new attemp, and the button labeled Enter Course.

I couldn't find any options to alter the way the modes, the new attempt checkbox, or the button enter course. What i would like is that in those courses, if the user has scored a 100%, they cannot start a new attempt and if they try to enter the course it should work in preview mode automatically. If they have not scored a 100% they should be able to either start a new attempt or review their last attempt. I dont even want the start a new attempt checkbox really. I would rather the enter course button always starts a new attempt and i would like if there was a review button instead of a radio button toggling between preview and normal.

So to re-summarize what i am ultimately wanting to do:

In a scorm driven course
I want to remove the "start a new attempt" check box
I want to remove the "Preview" and "Normal" mode radio buttons.

I want the Enter Course button to always start a new attempt if the highest score attained for that course is less than 100%. But if the user has scored a 100% this button should not be displayed

I want to replace the Preview and Normal mode radio buttons with a Review button, that always reviews the best scored attempt.

I am guessing this is going to have to be a code hack, but if someone had already done something like this or knows of a setting or variable i missed - i thought i would check for that first


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Re: Scorm and Captivate 3 - new attempts


Curious if you found out how to remove the Preview and Normal radio buttons? 

On a separate note, we also use Captivate 3 and are new to Moodle. Do you have any suggestions for integrating quizzes with it?  Any nasty pitfalls you've encountered that we might avoid as new users?



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