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Multiple Companies

I am looking for a training software solution that will allow me to setup several different companies which will each have their own group of students.

Each company will have access only to their own training material or courses and then the students within a company may be restricted to specific courses. Is this something that can be done with this product?

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Re: Multiple Companies
Short answer is "Yes", but you'll have to do some work in the background to control access. Create each separate course for each company with the course enrolment key which is known only to the company. Students create their accounts themselves and are asked for the enrolment key (password) when they enrol onto the course. See for more details.

A better way would be to have a single course with groups and a group enrolment key controlling access. However, as your situation requires that each company has their own course (which, I'm assuming, is different to any other company) you cannot do this at present as resources are not group aware.

Any help?

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Re: Multiple Companies
Ken is suggesting a way that will allow you to handle the multiple companies on a single Moodle site. If these are truly different companies, however, they will have completely different requirements: different courses, different content, different company logos, different domain names, etc. In that situation, I would set up a separate Moodle site for each company (you can have as many Moodle sites as you want running on a single server, or on separate servers if you like). These sites would be installed, upgraded, and maintained independently of one another, which is more work than maintaining a single site, but you won't have a headache trying to juggle three sets of conflicting requirements.
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