Error messages / Cannot resolve

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Error messages / Cannot resolve
Hello All!

I know the Wiki is not ready for "PrimeTime" but I am getting some error messages that I cannot seem to correct. I have done searches but I do not think anyone has had these problems before. I follow this forum pretty close but I may have missed something about these errors. If it is here, I apologize ahead of time for posting and ask that you point me to the applicable posts.

When I attempt to setup a Wiki I get the page in figure 1. Inside of the Summary Textbox you can see error text which says,

<br />
<b>Notice</b>: Undefined property: summary in <b>/homepages/30/d12345678/htdocs/moodle/mod/wiki/mod.html</b> on line <b>63</b><br />

After pushing forward and setting up the Wiki as much as I can, I get the following error message on the top part of the page (Figure 2),

Notice: Constant ewiki_upload_maxsize already defined in /homepages/30/d12345678/htdocs/moodle/mod/wiki/ewiki/plugins/module/downloads.php on line 9

Also, at the bottom of the Wiki Index page under "Backlinks" you can see the word "WS_FTP.LOG". It is hyperlinked to a FTP log file. Is this what shout happen.

If anyone has the time, please help me with information as to how to correct these errors.


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Re: Error messages / Cannot resolve
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I have to ask the standard questions...

Which version of this are you running? (look at the admin Modules screen).

Did you get this recently from CVS?


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Re: Error messages / Cannot resolve
Constant redefinition is very common in the ErfurtWiki code.  We use define()s in our config files to override defaults in the plugins.  Normally ewiki should be run with notices suppressed.

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