Windows Server LDAP enrol

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Windows Server LDAP enrol

Hi there

I'm a new one. José Cruz from Portugal.

(sory my english)

My situation: LDAP Windows Server 2003. Moodle 1.8

I have a OU container (schoolserver), with subOUs (students and teachers).

I have a OU (moodle) with subOUs (students and teachers) for moodle groups.

I have LDAP authentication like that and working.

LDAP server settings

Host URL: ldap://minhaescola.servidorescola.local

Version : 3

LDAP encoding : utf-8

Bind Settings

Hide passwords: yes

Distinguished Name: CN=moodle esmcastilho,CN=Users,DC=minhaescola,DC=servidorescola,DC=local


User lookup settings

User type: MS ActiveDirectory

Contexts: OU=SchoolServer,DC=minhaescola,DC=servidorescola,DC=local

search sub: yes

dereference alias: no

user attribute: sAMAccountName

Member attribute:

Member attribute uses dn:

Object class: user

Force change password

force: no

use standard: no

LDAP password expiration settings

expiration: LDAP

Enable user creation

create user externally: no

course creators


Cron synchronization script

Removed ext user: Full delete internal

first name: givenName

ID number: sAMAccountName

I can't say the same about enrol and i don't know why.

Here are my settings:

LDAP Server Settings

enrol_ldap_host_url: ldap://minhaescola.servidorescola.local

enrol_ldap_version: 3

enrol_ldap_bind_dn: CN=moodle esmcastilho,CN=Users,DC=minhaescola,DC=servidorescola,DC=local

ldap_bind_pw: *********

ldap_search_sub: yes

Role mapping


LDAP contexts: OU=profs,OU=Moodle,DC=minhaescola,DC=servidorescola,DC=local

LDAP member attribute: member


LDAP contexts: OU=alunos,OU=Moodle,DC=minhaescola,DC=servidorescola,DC=local

LDAP member attribute: member

Course enrolment settings

enrol_ldap_objectclass: group

enrol_ldap_course_idnumber: cn, no, no

enrol_ldap_course_shortname: cn, no, no

enrol_ldap_course_shortname: cn, no, no

Automatic course creation settings

enrol_ldap_autocreate: yes

enrol_ldap_category: Geral

If anyone can help, please...

Best wishes from Portugal

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