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Moodle 1.0.3

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle 1.0.3
Hot on the heels of Monday's release comes Moodle 1.0.3 with some bugfixes and improvements:
  • A new bug in 1.0.2 that prevented the creation of the admin user on new installations was fixed.
  • A number of language strings that I missed last time were internationalised.
  • A new "Check language" page in admin allows you to compare the current language strings against the English version and see what needs adding.
  • New "made with moodle" icon on home page - sleeker and more compatible with different themes.
  • Huge performance improvements when drawing graphs of user activity
  • Moodle can now plot user location even when behind a firewall (new parameters to define your proxy in config.php)
  • Added more hints to help some browsers suggest sensible names when downloading files from Moodle.
  • Tweaks to forum display and elsewhere. (763k) or (917k)

Lastly, there is a new "course" on this server called "Using Moodle", which I will be developing as a place for teachers, administrators and developers to discuss, er, using Moodle. smile Check it out!