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a parents section

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a parents section
At the moment there is a big enthusiasm in Bavaria about E-Learning-platforms for schools. Especially the discussion what features are important. One of my functions is to test Elearning-platforms at the moment, free ones and some that are really expensive.
Up to now I must say moodle will beat all. But nevertheless you sometimes get inspirations when you see other platforms.

Therefore I have a suggestion for a module, or perhaps it is the usermanagement:
I saw in some platforms the possibility that parents can inform themselves about their children online. I think it is a special feature of user management. When the child is a student in the plattform, a special account for the parents is built, where they can see the marks, the absence days and get in communication with the teacher. Another feature is, that the teacher can send a kind of newsletter (parents' letter) to all parents for general information.

I think when elearning will take place more and more in our schools such a parents account is very useful, as you then have all parties that are involved in education at school on board: Students, teachers and parents.

As I know, that moodle is often used at universities this "module" should be built in in a way that it can be deactivated, als grown-up students do not need something like that.

I hope that you can understand what I mean. Sorry for my bad English. I can unserstand English really well, but as I have no time for practice, my active Vocabulary is getting less and less.

Greetings from Bavaria,

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Art Lader
Re: a parents section
Documentation writers

Good post about the parents' section.

And your English is not so bad! smile If you would like to practice English with a native speaker of American English who can speak fairly good German, let me know. (Vor vielen Jahren haben miene Frau und ich in Bamberg studiert.)

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Re: a parents section

I am using Moodle in a corporate environment and yet I would also like to throw my support behind the "parents" functionality.  I have a functional need to permit managers to review the progress of subordinate's training.  This could be tied into an audience-based competencies module that would allow the student to develop training plans based upon their skill set.  This requirement has a similar functional need to the "parents" use case.  My hope is that the "Parents" module name isn't hardcoded in the UI (unlikely) or in the URL (more likely). A more general name like "Progress" would be better.


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Re: a parents section

Hello All!

There is an extensive thread about a Parents type page or at least some functions forparent in Moodle at,
General Developer Forum
Parental access?

As I ponder over this I could also see this type of function in a corporate setting as Chris points out, where a manager or supervisor could see how an employee is doing in training courses, courses etc.

So maybe if this does come to past the Admin/Config page could also allow for different names for these features - Parent, Supervior, Manager, etc - very similar to how it allows an Admin to determine what Teachers and Students are to be called.

Also, it would be nice to enable a Parent who may have two or more children in a school to connect to information about each of the children from one Parent Page.

Well!,  Just some hurried thoughts.


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Re: a parents section

The multiple sibling issue is one that I encountered this quarter.  I have 2 students with the same parent.  Neither student has their own email address, therefore I have them put their parents email address in to register.  Unfortunately, the second child can't do this because his brother already used the email address.

The functionality that you describe would be AWESOME!!!!  I could definately sell Moodle to my administration and teachers with functionality like this.  Our number one complaint form parents is the lack of communication.  We need something like this to simplify that link.

Thanks to all the developers that make Moodle what it is;  the best Open Source LMS out there!!!


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