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Smart Board Materials

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Smart Board Materials
We are in the process of populating our VLE with materials in preparation for the next stage of our roll out program. We have now encountered a fairly serious snag in that materials created using the SMART techologies Smart board software appear not to work on the VLE.

This inability to use Smart Board materials is likely to have a very big impact on several of our departments.

Has anybody encountered this problem before and are there any solutions out there?
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Re: Smart Board Materials


We have also come across this problem. AFAIK, the workaround is to make sure that the Smart software is installed locally - then teachers can upload as a resource and the software picks-up the file extension and loads outside the browser. I have not tested this personally, but I see a lot of .xbk files in our moodle install, so I can only assume that this is what teachers are doing. The problem with this is that access off-site is non-existent unless they are exported to a web-based format (see this thread).

Hope this helps!


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Re: Smart Board Materials
Many thanks. Off site use is the key to the use of the VLE so I have a feeling that this is going to become an issue very soon. Some of the staff involved in the production of these Smart Board materials are not the most confident users of ICT and complications with uploading and formatting is not going to endear the process to them.
We are on a pretty strict program to get all these materials in place and working byJuly 2007. With 140 teachers in 15 departments this is one situation where I really would like a simple solution a plug-in. Ive contacted Smart Tech and hopefully we may see a solution coming from them.
If it does I'll post the information back here.

Bruce R 
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Anthony Borrow
Re: Smart Board Materials
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Either Export the materials to PDF or HTML format or what I would like to see is to encourage SMART to write browser plugins (for IE and Firefox) so that the files can be viewed in the browser. 
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Re: Smart Board Materials
We asked smartboard for advice on how to export smart board materials for deployment on Moodle so that the materials interactivity could be maintained. In Pdf and Powerpoint such interactivity was lost. So here it is as promised feedback from Smart board.

Good Morning Bruce,

The link for the windows version of the software is located here: During the install,
 the person can select to only install the notebook software.
 While I understand this may not be a viable solution for
many people as you mentioned they only have dialup it is something that is
 widely done through many of our customers.

As an alternative you could potentially just download the software and
burn CD's or transport them using flash drives. Also, as another option:

At the bottom of that page there is a link for them to order the software
on CD.
 In regards to the Notebook viewer there is something in the works to
have produced. I have copied Ken Dreger as well and he will get back to
me on that issue. Regards, SMART Technologies Inc. John K. Mach Technical Support Specialist Bringing people and ideas together. Please note the bit in red. There is hope.

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Re: Smart Board Materials

The link to download and install SMART software including SMART Notebook collaborative learning software and SMART Product Drivers is here:

In the "Choose a version" drop-down menu you may choose SMART Notebook for Windows, Mac or Linux.



Ian Berg

Technical Support

SMART Technologies

Contact Support:

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