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Moodle 1.0.2

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle 1.0.2
Another week, another release loaded with new features. smile Moodle 1.0.2 is ready for download and contains the following enhancements since 1.0.1:
  • You can now attach a file (of any kind) to any forum posting. These appear as a web link within the post (see the top-right corner of this post!). Useful for images, sounds, word processed documents etc.
  • The Files area has been cleaned up and streamlined a little.
  • Fixed a rare security problem caused by the broken implementation of cookies in IE 6.
  • Many miscellaneous cleanups, inline documentation and other minor bugfixes.

Enjoy, and please let me know how it goes (in the Admin Support forum).

Picture of Clara Roqueta
Re: Moodle 1.0.2

I'd like to know your opinion about applicating this software to a technology subject:
do u think this software is aproppiated to suppord an university subject? Does it offer good conditions to mantain interactivity between students and teachers in a regular way?

Martin Dougiamas
Re: Moodle 1.0.2
Absolutely, yes.

In fact, Moodle was originally developed in the context of University postgraduate teaching, and interactivity between participants is a major focus.

eg see and

Picture of Clara Roqueta
Re: Moodle 1.0.2
Hello again,

sorry, I hadn't red anything about moodle before smile

I like it, I'm only a student but I'll recomend it to my teacher, who is looking for some software to improve the quality of his classes.

Thankz again smile,