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Moodle 1.0.1

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle 1.0.1
Moodle 1.0.1 is ready to go. Thanks to feedback from the first release and a bit of Moodling on my part, this release has a number of new mini-features and clean-ups.

Changes since 1.0 include:
  • Cleaner handling of embedded HTML in posts (such the list in this post, for example).
  • You can now click on IP addresses in logs and see a map of the earth with a dot that shows the real-world location of that person
  • A few different attempts to help fix the "can't set admin user" bug that a few people have been experiencing - I still need constructive feedback on this because I can't duplicate the bug myself.
  • Moodle will detect if it is running on old versions of PHP and refuse to run
  • new configuration parameter slasharguments for better customisation of method used to display uploaded files
  • When forums have a large number of topics then a new abbreviated display is used (eg see Admin Support forum on this site).
  • Users can now hide their email addresses from other people (except teachers in their course)
  • Much clearer "allow guest" setting for teachers.
  • Fixes to improve formatting on Netscape 4.
  • Default dates are now in server time, not GMT
  • Miscellaneous little bug fixes
  • Updated documentation

Enjoy, and please keep the feedback coming in. If you have any problems, please see the "Admin Support" forum or the "Bug tracker" site.

Martin Dougiamas
Re: Moodle 1.0.1
I added a few tweaks to fix the size of the front-page side boxes in certain situations and rebuilt 1.0.1 to include them. So if you are getting slightly mismatched boxes on the front page with the original 1.0.1, just download 1.0.1 again.
Picture of Lou Vigliotti
Re: Moodle 1.0.1
Everything working perfectly on OS X Server and Linux.
Really Great Work Martin.
Picture of Jess H. Brewer
Re: Moodle 1.0.1
Thank you, Martin! I just installed the new version and this time didn't run into the same problem (skipping over the config page that sets the admin pwd). The only thing I did different was to use my own MySQL handle rather than MySQL root this time when setting up config.php, and that shouldn't matter; so I attribute the fix to your prompt efforts. Thanks again. Now to find out what you mean by "constructivist" -- I hope this isn't some postmodernist jargon! smile
Cheers -- Jess
Martin Dougiamas
postmodernist jargon
Jess wrote:

I hope this isn't some postmodernist jargon! smile

It is if you think it is! wink
Picture of Frank Catanzaro
Re: Moodle 1.0.1
Just got to wondering on some course related features.

What happens at the end of a course.

Is it possible to archive the contents with student input.

Is it possible to "reset" a course eg take out all student input and save the course structure and content to run the course again.
Martin Dougiamas
Resetting a course
Course archiving, restoring and resetting is definitely a feature I have been thinking about adding in future. I've just noticed there isn't a bug for it yet in the database, so I've added it: (Thanks for reminding me about this issue!)

Currently I've been doing this manually (exporting the database etc) - it hasn't mattered much because I've ended up redesigning the course pretty radically each time around anyway.

Picture of Frank Parker
Re: Moodle 1.0.1
Something funny is happening with the skip over the admin page. All previous versions have worked ok. I noticed the problem for the first time when setting up a new server with a fresh install. My updated copy on a test machine does not have this problem. I did use my old config.php to avoid configuration issues on the test machine. I will check this out more carefully and get back to you.

Thanks for your effort. Great Improvements
Picture of Isaac Mao
Re: Moodle 1.0.1
What's future roadmap, Martin?
Martin Dougiamas
Moodle futures
Thanks, Issac.

Well, development is going to continue steadily.

The next 6 months or so I will have to slow down my own development a little (because I have a PhD thesis to write). During this time there'll be a number of point releases 1.0.2, 1.0.3 etc that I expect will contain minor new features and polishing. I'll also be working with people adding new plugins (support for more databases, new modules and new themes).

Sometime early in 2003 you can expect a major release (1.1, maybe 1.5) that has new features like:

  • Full user account management (eg connection to external databases, import/export etc)
  • Full grade management
  • Ability to define groups and group work
  • Automatic linking in texts to uploaded readings (like Wiki)
  • Online support for teachers and students

I've updated to include more details. And remember that you can always keep up to date on these developments at

Picture of Walter Balser
Re: Moodle futures
Any plans for a group calendar? Thanks,
Picture of madhuresh singhal
Re: Moodle 1.0.1
Hello Martin,
I came across your software and i have downloaded and used it. The software is really cool. congrates for making such a nice s/w. There is something to get clarified.

The problems/questions/suggestions are:

1. On the home page of the moodle website (which i have created), there is one link "login" on the top right corner and well down below the page. Here the top link is not reaching to login page, while the link that is at bottom is working fine. The top link is giving IP address resolving error.

2. I am not able to upload image files. i have tried uploading jpeg file but it is giving GD module error. I am working on Windows 2000 version and i have downloaded PHPTRIAD and using that. I don't know, wheteher phptriad includes GD module or not. As per documentation, it is mentioned that phptriad will satisfy all the requirements. well i have also enabled GD module in php.ini file and in cofig file i have mentioned that i am using GD 2. If i have to add GD module seperately, where to copy it.

3. There is no provision of deleting any user even by administrator. I need to delete some user, that i did from mysql interface. If it could be incorporated, it will be better.

4. There is no provision to show the syllabus of course. We can write it in description but it will be too long and in that case, home page will
look odd, if there are few courses. So a link pointing to syllbus can be given to show what the course contents. Description field can be used to
give the objective of the course.

Martin Dougiamas
Re: Moodle 1.0.1
Hi Madhuresh,

I've already replied to your first email with solutions or workarounds for these problems. Item 4 is a good idea that will probably appear in a future release.
Picture of Abdul Rahman
editing doesn't work
I've installed moodle 1.0.1 and it now works fine. Thanks.

I can create admin, a teacher and student account. However, in trying to create a course, I turned editing on, but none of the editing tools appear. I'm on the Social format. Should I change.

turning editing on and off does not seem to make any change.

Any help?


Martin Dougiamas
Re: editing doesn't work
It should work fine.

Have you tried a different browser? Have you tried reloading the page?