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Problem installing 1.6 from a USB stick, Windows XP

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Re: Problem installing 1.6 from a USB stick, Windows XP

Hi Rosemary.

I couldn't get Moodle on a stick to work correctly at first either, even with the Flash drive set as F:.

I believe the problem is due to a missing folder in the apache setup.

If you create an empty folder \apache2\logs I believe it will start.

At least that worked for me. big grin

Also, you *must* put the Moodle files/folders in the root directory of the Flash drive, not in a subdirectory. In other words \apache2, \www, and start.exe must be located in the root of F:\, not in a subfolder.

Aside from those minor "gotchas", MoodleOnAStick seems to be working well.

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Re: Problem installing 1.6 from a USB stick, Windows XP
Hi Dan


It works ...!!big grinbig grin
Many thanks for your help Dan. I have spent a good few hours on this and on  the verge of giving up.

I wouldn't  have known a file missing as I have no experience with web servers etc etc.

In case anyone else needs this - I found the browser still displayed page not found for a little while after starting up WOS - be patient and keep refreshing the browser.

Thanks again

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Re: Problem installing 1.6 from a USB stick, Windows XP
Hi everyone,

I've managed to get Moodle 1.6.1+ running on a USB stick as well using WOS, but have another problem in that when I start creating a course certain tables in the database corrupt.

Symptoms are:

1. multiple forum icons appear under the topic summary (where the default News forum is placed)  at the top, these can't be deleted; you can't create a forum;
2. trying to create a label, and it won't let you.

From other posts:

this seems to happen on installations other than a USB stick as well.

Have reinstalled the databases a number of times, am running:
Apache 2.2.0
PHP 5.1.2
MySql 5.0.18-nt

Any ideas, I'd be grateful.

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Re: Problem installing 1.6 from a USB stick, Windows XP

Yes, just noticed this, and can confirm.

There is no \apache2\logs folder (I just downloaded the zip file from as of 19th March 07).

Apache cannot run if it can't write logs.  It's a while since I've had to use Windows command line so it took a while to confirm that this was the problem (very little feedback).

Not sure if the standard WOS has the \apache\logs folder already existing?

If so, it's just missing from this zip file, so it shouldn't affect users building MOS the 'long' way.


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