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Flash module add-on: Captivate vs Camtasia

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Flash module add-on: Captivate vs Camtasia
Looking for the easiest and best way to create stuff delivered in Flash. I have powerpoint, captivate, and flash 8. To my disappointment after creating a movie in captivate, i tried to export it to flash and it will only export to Flash MX 2004.

I have seen posts that there are some band-aid fixes, but you lose the mouse movements. So what should I do?

Buy Camtasia and use that instead of Captivate?
Uninstall flash 8 and install flash mx2004?
Keep flash 8 and use the workarounds found here in Moodle (and design outputs based on the reduced functionality)?
Any Better ideas.

I found the captivate very easy to use so I am leaning toward getting the MX 2004.
Does anybody know about when adobe will release the next version of captivate which I presume will be compatible with flash 8?

Thank you,
Cordell Jones

Oh, I found this amusing that when using the spellcheck in this discussion forum, it flags the word "moodle." That should be added to the dictionary.
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Re: Flash module add-on: Captivate vs Camtasia
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So what should I do?

Uninstall flash 8 and install flash mx2004?

It is possible to have both installed on your system at once. But I would think that you should be able to open Flash mx 2004 files in Flash 8! Can't you import them or something without loosing the mouse movements captivate has recorded?

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Re: Flash module add-on: Captivate vs Camtasia
Jamie, I have been making flash movies with Camtasia, but they don't load well into 1.5 - in fact, right now, as you can see from my own post, they don't load at all!  However, they used to load but WITHOUT the controls - no idea why.  I never found the answer.  It was a real problem.  They apparently loaded as if they were flash text movies.
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Re: Flash module add-on: Captivate vs Camtasia
Linda, Jamie, See my Camtasia replies here
or >> We do this all the time and I bet I know what is wrong.
First.  In the moodle resource dialogue you must link to the html not the swf.  the swf does not have a controller

Your camtasia on the windows system is using windows naming conventions.  Your moodle/linux site doesn't like the spaces
special or characters in the file names or improper case.  It will recognize the html of: File%20name_video.html
But the camtasia control html and xml files will not call an improperly named flash file.

Easy fix from beginning is to name all your vids lowercase with no spaces or special characters.

Post production fix before upload.

Rename your files the same as above then search and replace the file names in the html and the xml
Also.  Each Camtasia Flash comes with 4 files for a total of 5.  Since Moodle doesn't have batch upload I use ftp to get
them into the course folder in /moodledate/(course ID)
** In reply to previous posts.  Embed is not needed for flash lessons as they are loaded within a non-moodle webpage, the
camtasia html, which is then opened in a new window or frame within the moodle course.
And, this forum is for the Moodle Flash Mod which is I think Flash Cards.  Not Macromedia/Adobe Flash
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Re: Flash module add-on: Captivate vs Camtasia
With Camtasia, if you use the Legacy SWF format when producing you can link to the swf file and have controls.
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Re: Flash module add-on: Captivate vs Camtasia
We love Camtasia and Techsmith the developer.  Great support, active help forums and the software truly rocks.
Some samples of how we use it are in a stripped down moodle site that does not require any logins.  This site is too be wrapped in a joomla front end.
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Re: Flash module add-on: Captivate vs Camtasia
Hi all,
just a few words about a great freeware tool: Wink!! (a debugmode toy)
IMHO, it's a true "must have": works perfectly, loaded with extra tools to take your ideas and projects to high ends, outputs many usable formats and not only Flash(tm) movies, ... and all that for free!
I'm convinced that the costs issue is important to you or your organizations... Moodle option is part of a proof of that. So let's keep the line: better paying for skills and content than for fancy tools if a free one does 95% of the expensive first.
I invite you to test on your own and comment here after. But am sure you will watch out how "killer app" Wink is indeed.
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Re: Flash module add-on: Captivate vs Camtasia
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Camtasia vs Captivate.
Captivate works with SCORM 2004 compliance it works perfect with moodle.
Captivate gives you a lot of inteaction, fill in, make clicks.conditions to go to a link, slide..
YOu can make a storyboard with Captivate (export option)
Captivate optimizes when to capture as a video or as a photo to reduce the size of the file and the quality of the images are better.

I already tried Camtasia, Captivate and wink. I still think Captivate is further better.

Uninstalll flash 8?
Is not necesarry you can export your flash to flash 5 and it will work with out problems with Captivate.

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