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Japanese Migration to Version 1.6

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Re: Japanese Migration to Version 1.6
Thanks Don! That is all very useful to know. I was planning on simply cloning my site on the same server by copying the entire folder through C-panel, making a new empty database, changing the config.php of the copy to the new empty database, importing the old database into the copy through phpmyadmin, then upgrading the copy and testing it for a while before replacing the old site with the copy, if all that makes sense (I have a remote server rather than an on-site one). I like the idea of a fresh install but I unfortunately built the site with a forum on the frontpage and there doesn't seem to be any way of doing a fresh install and keeping the content of the front page forums. There are also mods in various places on the site and I am not sure how the site as a whole will react ( There are quite a few niggly little problems with the site that I am hoping the switch to 1.6 will wipe out at a stroke. Corruption of RSS feeds being the main one. Is it all looking pretty stable after the upgrade or is there still much work to be done?


Jamie (P, but not the flash/mobile wizard!)