Lesson and Google

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Lesson and Google
Hello and thank you for a wonderful software.

We are currently working with a site called managingcrisis.com, and we wonder if Googlebot is going through the content in the Lessons?

All the best,

Erich N
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Re: Lesson and Google
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From looking at the results of this Google search:


I'd suggest that Google can only see the first page of Lesson since to go further into the Lesson it would need to fill in and submit a form.

It's probably possible to get Google to visit the following pages as long as it can find a link directly to them e.g. Google turned up the first page in the following Lesson:


If the following URL was submitted to Google (either on a manually written index page, submitted directly to Google in the various ways they support or just by me posting it here) then the spider would be able to add it too, in time:


You might want to add a bug asking the Lesson folks to optionally make such an index page available automatically if a) the site is open to google, b) the course is open to guests and c) the person creating the Lesson asks for it. In the meantime submitting a manually created sitemap to Google seems like a quicker way forward.

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