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Slideshow module again

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Re: Slideshow module again

Hi Could anyone help me how to select directory with pictures for Slideshow instance? I am not able persuade File picker to select only a directory, not to add all files.

I am using up-to-date version from github on 2.4.5 Moodle.

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Re: Slideshow module again
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The only way to 'choose' a directory and upload them all in one go is:

- make a ZIP file of your images (if you're unsure how to do this, see for Windows, and for Mac OS X), don't include the folder JUST the images

- upload this ZIP file to the slideshow using the File Picker

- left-click the ZIP file once, and on the popup box that appears click the UNZIP button

- when the box disappears, and shows all your pictures, left-click the ZIP file again and click the DELETE button (and choose YES you're sure), which will tidy it up

Then when you click Save and Display, it will build the slideshow and you've not had to upload each picture individually.


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