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Moodle Developers Course

Richard Jones
Moodle Developers Course
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There is a course in the Moodle Development School here:

This is quite interesting although clearly a work in progress.

I was working through it and got stuck in a couple of places so I wondered if anyone has actually completed the assignments and has code available on GitHub?  For example, whoever wrote the assignments smile

Without code it's easy to make a small mistake which doesn't show up until further down the track.

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Re: Moodle Developers Course
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I think that course is a pretty good start. But it could be improved with some code samples to match the tasks. 

In the MoodleBites for developers courses we used to git branches for "weeks" of the course, and steps of the tasks. So that students could get back to where they were, peek at the solution or just start afresh with the next week. That worked pretty well.

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