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Block configuration in externallib.php

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Block configuration in externallib.php
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Hello everyone,

Can I have access to the block configuration in my externallib.php file ? Because I don't have access to $this->config, ,and get_config() method doesn't work, it is only for the general configuration.

I mean my block has different configuration values on each courses, and general values set by administrators (visible with  get_config('block_plugin_name')). So I need to access to values normally reachable with $this->config in block_plugin_name.php

Thank you smile

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Re: Block configuration in externallib.php
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I finally found a solution :

$coursecontext = context_course::instance($courseid);
$blockrecord = $DB->get_record('block_instances', array('blockname' => 'your_block_name',
'parentcontextid' => $coursecontext->id), '*', MUST_EXIST);
$blockinstance = block_instance('your_block_name', $blockrecord);

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