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Policy tool - Navigate between pages

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Policy tool - Navigate between pages
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Hi everyone,

I'm working on Moodle 3.5.2+ (Build: 20181027). We recently have writtent our policies, so we have activated the policy tool in Moodle's core.

We have 2 parts. As I tested on my test platform, user shoud shoud see the first page, clicks next, reads the second page, clicks next, and finally must validate each policy and register. But it doesn't work on my production platform. User sees the first page, but when he clicks "next", the same page reloads.

I tried to correct the URL just to see if I could go to the next page, but it doesn't work. That doesn't seems to come from my template (we use Essential), because the problem still occurs if I enable Boost or Clean. My production and test platforms are exactly the same (version, installed plugins...). I have even installed a local version on a Wamp server (without any plugins), and everything's ok !

Does anyone have a track or an idea of what could block navigation on my prod platform ?

Thanks for your help !


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