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Authenicate with another web application

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Authenicate with another web application

Have this hosted registration payment site for students to register for class which will be hosted on Moodle.  Can you develop a single sign on process between the external web application and Moodle so that student's will not have to create another account to access the course in MoodleCloud?  The site has provided their web API.  Not a programmer but would love to know if this can be done and any suggestions as to who can assist me with this process?

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Re: Authenicate with another web application
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What you want most likely requires developing custom code. The task is doable however it is not suitable for moodlecloud sites.

As you can see here:

and here:

You can only use plugins already available to your site but not add any third-party or custom plugin/code.

Your options are:

  • forget sso and keep things as they are
  • seek out moodle partner/certified consultant-developer and solve this problem with them

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