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customstyle.css not working for 3.5

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customstyle.css not working for 3.5

Hello Juan,

Congratulations on a nice looking new 3.5 mobile app.

I forked and compiled my apk with phonegap. That went thru like a charm.

Was also able to customise the app with my own icons (like I had done for 3.4).

However, the customstyle.css that works for 3.4 app is not effective any more for 3.5. I am attaching it for your convenience here. Please guide what changes are needed. The css is located at

I am also not able to change the orange to my shade of green. How do I get around that problem?

I checked the FAQ (as always) but could not find any guidance there. It is still early days for the documentation to evolve. Hope my query helps in that direction. 

Many thanks for your help.



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