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"this community is not focused in helping others developers"

I would have to disagree with that comment quite strongly! The Moodle community as a whole is very focused on helping each other and support. Choosing the right/most appropriate channel to request that support in is, however, an important part of asking for the help.

The Telegram channel appears to be mainly focused around ideas and developer discussions (although tbh when I was on it more often it was so active I had to pull back to get some 'proper' work done, so I may be wrong there :D) whereas the forum community is very strongly focused on support, answering questions and providing help, whatever your level of expertise.

"Something more dynamic than a Forum" is not always appropriate for providing support.

Many people come to the forums and will search and find answers that people have asked before, maybe even alternative solutions where someone has found a better way than that presented originally. It also enables developers from around the world to respond asynchronously and users to get answers and responses even when the best person to answer those queries is in a vastly different time zone. A more 'dynamic' solution would lose both of those strengths, relying on people being available to answer the queries in a much more 'chat like' environment, and losing the ability to search for existing solutions, meaning the same question is likely to get asked and answered multiple times.


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