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HTML templates(angular frontend) and moodle database

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HTML templates(angular frontend) and moodle database

Hi everyone, I'm desperately seeking some help coz I'm totally new to moodle. I'm working on project which has html templates ready i.e angular frontend(like universo theme). I have to create a link between these html pages and moodle, such that students/teachers use that as UI. The problem is i'm not getting the correct approach of how to do it.
The first step I need to work on login such that student logins from that UI and update the moodle database. Does it require webservice? If so, then how?
So far i have tried using webservice generated a token but then i don't know what to do with token i.e how to link it with the html pages that i have?

Please help me out

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Re: HTML templates(angular frontend) and moodle database
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If you want to interact with Moodle's data and APIs via an angular front-end, then you will need to use web services.  This is exactly how the Moodle app works.

Creating a web service client shows you an example HTTP request where you would use your token and specify a web service function to call.

Bear in mind that Moodle doesn't use angular itself, so you'll essentially be re-implementing the whole UI (or at least those parts your use case requires), which is a very significant task.  You may find it preferable to integrate your website with the existing Moodle web interface, using single sign-on and common theme elements to make the transition between as seamless as possible.  This way your users can benefit from the work the community has already put in to the UI for you.
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