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Articulate Storyline 3 SCORMs and Moodle Desktop

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Articulate Storyline 3 SCORMs and Moodle Desktop

Hello everyone,

I  hope there is someone that can help me resolve the problem I am experiencing with SCROM and Moodle Desktop app.

My client is using the Moodle Desktop App from a Windows 10 laptop to access SCROM activities created in Storyline 3.  On launch, the activity displays a rotating circle. The same activity plays perfectly on Iphone and Android devices.

The same problem occurs on the Windows 7/8 version of the Moodle Desktop App

The steps to replicate the issue would be:

  • User opens SCORM in Moodle Desktop 
  • Click on Enter
  • The SCROM activity downloads and unzips
  • The activity launches showing a rotating circle. 

Here's the  versions :

Moodle 3.5 
Moodle Desktop 3.5.2

Articulate Storyline 3

Any suggestions or ideas will be most welcome.

Thanks so much


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