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admin settings validation

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admin settings validation

Hi there,

for our dashboard I want to add an additional textarea that allows for further

configuration of the Dashboard. We have Moodle 3.3.

In order to achieve that I added something like:

settings->add( new admin_setting_configtextarea( ...


in the settings.php which of course works fine. Now I want validate what frontend users

fill in in my new settings field. The user is required to fill in a

JSON String. So I want to check wether the JSON -String is well formed and

make ,if possible, checks, if the entries are plausible. 

How can I achieve this ? do I need admin_external_setup instead of admin_setting_configtextarea ?

I want to give the frontend user suitable (error-)messages.

What is basically here the way ? how/ where to validate ? When does JS comes into play?

Any Info, How tos etc would be nice.

Thanks beforehand!



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Re: admin settings validation
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You would have to create your own setting class and implement validation there.

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Re: admin settings validation

... and you make an ajax-call to the setting class ?

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