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Student Project for improving multilingual support

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Student Project for improving multilingual support
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Hi all,

I am thinking on offering a project to my students at the Computer Science School in UNED (the Spanish Open University) to improve Moodle's multilingual support and I'd love to get some feedback and hear people's opinion.

The idea is to both add features that are not yet supported by the multilingual support in Moodle and to enhance the user experience when adding multilingual content.

Take the File Resource as an example. Typically, you have something like this when you add a name and description to the activity/resource:

Current Multilingual

Instead, I propose having something like this:

Proposed Multilingual

This would not only make more user friendly the addition of new languages indescriptions and names but, even more important, it would also allow to link one file (in the example above) or another depending on the language selected by the user, which is something you just can't do right now within one solely activity or resource.

Is this idea crazy/stupid? Do you think it would fit within Moodle? Personaly, I'd like to see something like this in Moodle. The final goal would be to integrate this into the Moodle core, so I would very much like to get some impressions first on whether this would be feasible/wise or not.

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Re: Student Project for improving multilingual support
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I think is a very good idea. Other scripts, like Joomla, show different languages in the same page. That will improve the UX a lot 

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Re: Student Project for improving multilingual support

That would be very beneficial and i hope you will achieve that, please ;D

I like however how this is implemented in WordPress with one of the multilingual plugins

The proposed model will work ideally on items with limited content  however if you have more content than the tabbed approach seems a bit better.

Thank you!

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