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atto - rotate image?

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atto - rotate image?


We have a number of staff who teac graphic-design courses and are finding that images viewed as portrait style in Windows, when uploaded to Moodle, appear in landscape format.  I've done some digging and have found that GoogleDrive (and other online applications) orients the image as it is in Windows, but Moodle does not.  Looks like this issue is a known bug (MDL-45910) that hasn't been touched in nearly 3 years.

I realize that TinyMCE has significantly more powerful image tools, but we'd like to stay with ATTO since it appears this is the direction Moodle wants to go.

Is there a known way around this?  

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John Provasnik at Moodle Moot US
Re: atto - rotate image?
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Some inline css is the only way to do this as far as I know. 

in HTML mode find your image

ex:  [img src="https://...image.png" ]

add this style inside the image tag: 

style="transform: rotate(90deg);" 

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