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MNet vs. vs. Project MoodleNet

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Re: MNet vs. vs. Project MoodleNet
Hi both, MoodleNet is going to content-agnostic, and export collections of resources as MBZ files. As such, it is entirely possible to share resources that unpack into courses.

(Dan, I'd respectfully ask you to refrain from repeatedly sharing the same content, and in particular the video you have posted many times now. Some may see this as spamming the forum)

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Re: MNet vs. vs. Project MoodleNet


My previous post was directed to Martin, a new member of the discussion, who had likely not seen any of the previous posts where I linked to the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum. I am indeed guilty of promoting wider awareness of the free, teacher created, standards aligned OER curriculum that is specifically designed for use in Moodle. I'm even guilty of creating a non-profit corporation registered in Minnesota (the home of SPAM) dedicated to providing professional development for teachers to become more proficient at using OER with Moodle.