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Integration round 2018-09-07: Weekend feels!

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Integration round 2018-09-07: Weekend feels!
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Cold numbers:

24 issues have been successfully integrated, 4 rejected and 2 delayed - 86% success. Not bad!

  • 95 issues waiting for peer review. Please give the Moodle integration team lots of issues to integrate. We love it since we're suckers for pain! (No, not really, but please your help will be greatly appreciated!)
  • Minor releases coming up Monday, next week. Stay tuned!
  • The Policies and Data Privacy plugins will be merged into the standard Moodle distribution in versions 3.3.8 and 3.4.5. If you have them currently installed as additional plugins, please remember that you must remove their folders prior to upgrading to these Moodle versions.
Hot topics:
  • MDL-60901 - Decide Moodle 3.6 requirements and push them to environment.xml
  • MDL-60820 - Workshop: Allow teacher to specify submission types
  • MDL-60578 - Handle course ID correctly for mod_feedback web services
  • MDL-56998 - Remove associated blog posts on module instance removal
Warm thanks:
  • To Ryan Wyllie for being such a proactive Moodle developer who develops cool and beautiful Moodle features and inspires and encourages HQ devs to be better in everything they do!
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