Multilang SCORM Pkgs

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Multilang SCORM Pkgs

Good morning,

I've been searching all morning to figure this out but I just gave up. In our current LMS, we are able upload a single SCORM ZIP pkg to each language we have content for (e.g. is uploaded to the English and is uploaded to the French), and if we don't have content for that specific language, than nothing gets uploaded.

In Moodle, I have gotten the multilang code to work for text <span lang="en" class="multilang">English</span><span lang="fr" class="multilang">Anglais</span>; however, I just cannot figure out how to get it functional for the scorm packages.

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Re: Multilang SCORM Pkgs

there is a plugin for that:

i've actually use it like this
you create one SCORM for each language, and then you hide them accordingly.

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