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Practical Assessments

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Practical Assessments


I will be setting up Moodle for assessment marking and feedback for this academic year. Whilst we do have some written assignments, for which we intend to use the Turnitin plugin, the vast majority of our assessments are practical, and therefore we want to use Moodle purely to record the fact that a student has completed a practical assessment, assign marks and write feedback for these assessments. 

Any advice on the best way to set this up?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Practical Assessments
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Hi Elizabeth,

You can use the regular Moodle Assignment activity to do what you want.  When setting the Assignment up, remove the check marks for Submission types so students do not have to submit anything. Also set Submission setting so that students do not have to click a submit button nor do they have to accept the submission statement. It is up to you to pick the Grade type and Grading method that best fits your situation.

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