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RestAPI - Insert SCORM Track and Course Report

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RestAPI - Insert SCORM Track and Course Report
I have added a SCORM 2004 course to Moodle and enrolled a user with Teacher access so that they can run reports.
The course is set to have Unlimited Attempts and am inserting attempts via a third-party web.

I am wanting to show on the report screen all the attempts showing "passed", "failed", "not attempted" - currently it only shows "completed"
Also can I configure this to auto-increment the attempts instead of hard-coding each attempt?


tracks[0][element]: cmi.core.lesson_status
tracks[0][value]: failed <<=== change this to "passed", "failed", "not attempted" not showing on report screen

tracks[1][element]: cmi.core.score.min
tracks[1][value]: 0

tracks[2][element]: cmi.core.score.max
tracks[2][value]: 100

tracks[3][element]: cmi.core.score.raw
tracks[3][value]: 85

tracks[4][element]: cmi.core.session_time
tracks[4][value]: PT1H10M25S

scoid: 0
attempt: 0 <<=== auto_increment this value

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Re: RestAPI - Insert SCORM Track and Course Report

I have since resolved the 'auto_increment' issue so am successfully submitting a new score towards the user however I am still unsure how to show that attempt status in the report - see attachment.

I am hoping to get a solution quickly please smile

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