Integration, exposed

Integration round 2018-08-17 - clams, tails, whales, nine...

One poor developer...
Integration round 2018-08-17 - clams, tails, whales, nine...
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Cold numbers:

17 issues have been successfully integrated with 5 rejected and 3 delayed. That's 77%, under average, but easy to improve.


  • With 79 issues awaiting peer-review right now, it's becoming urgent to get the list reduced. Help wanted!
  • It has been decided (forum | tracker) that Bootstrap 2 based themes, Bootstrapbase, Clean and More, will be kept in core for Moodle 3.6 and will be completely removed for Moodle 3.7. Also, a new Classic theme will debut ASAP in the plugins database, providing the old navigation and blocks but built with the current Bootstrap 4 framework.
  • Interested in learning the nuts and bolts of Moodle Learning Analytics? The Learning Analytics Working Group has launched the first in a series of workshops aimed at both developers (all levels welcome) and educators/researchers. See for details.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-62600 : Clearer separation of privacy officer and admin roles.
  • MDL-63050 : Support Redis 4.0.
  • MDL-62799 : Backport the tool_dataprivacy plugin to 3.3.x and 3.4.x
  • MDL-59015 : Better use of the 'View more' button in the course overview block.
  • And lots more in areas like assignments, administration, wiki, usability...

Warm thanks:

I'm not playing a role.

I'm being myself,

whatever the hell that is.

---- Bea Arthur

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