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HUGO and RoboHelp 17 - Help site

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HUGO and RoboHelp 17 - Help site


I am a technical writer and I write the Help section for a software product. 

The UX designer built the help section using Hugo and ATOM editor. 

This is a very impractical time consuming method for writing this particular Help section so I want to switch to HTML5 format in RoboHelp instead.

However, when I try to build from GitHub to the Help site by pushing the RoboHelp version, the online Help section does not take the RoboHelp files and the Hugo site remains. 

I have uninstalled Hugo from my PC through Windows Powershell (Admin) which is what I use to upload to Hugo in the first place.

How do I make the switch?

What am I doing wrong?

I would welcome any light on this. I'm not a developer, hence the post.

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Re: HUGO and RoboHelp 17 - Help site
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This is a forum for discussions about Moodle development.  I'm afraid we can't provide help with other tools here!  I'd suggest finding a forum or Q&A site that deals with Hugo or RoboHelp questions specifically.

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