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Selling eBooks

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Selling eBooks
I'm trying to figure out a way to integrate eBooks along with courses when a user goes to purchase a course they would have an option to buy an eBook as well. 

So far I have been unsuccessful at finding a solution to this. Either creating the option or just being able to sell the eBooks at all. 

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Richard Jones
Re: Selling eBooks
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Hi Kevan

Presumably you've looked at and rejected solutions like Smashwords or BookBaby.  You could advertise the book, cover, content and reviews in one course and then provide a link to a paid course from where the book could be downloaded.  Less than ideal I appreciate.

Failing that I think you might have to fall back on a custom solution.


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Re: Selling eBooks
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It is not the sexiest solution, but you could simply put a link to the ebook's purchase page in the course description and in the course itself.

But if you want to have multiple "products" on one checkout, I think you will need to develop a custom solution.

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