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How to properly add new mathematical functions?

Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: How to properly add new mathematical functions?
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I would guess that to make this work, you would also need to add the new functions to qtype_calculated_find_formula_errors

Your approach seems pretty good. I can think of one possible different approach, but I am not sure it is better.

The other approach would be to define functions with names like qtype_calculated_factorial. Those can just be defined as normal functions, since the names won't clash with anything. Then, in calculate_raw, you would need to do a replace qtype_calculated_factorial -> factorial etc.

Note that, irrespective of whether you use your approach, or the one I suggest, I would recommend using a regular-expression match, something like

preg_match('~\bfactorial\s*\(~', $formula)

\b matches start of a word, so that won't match things like 'notfactorial'. Including the Open bracket in what you search for (after zero or more spaces) also reduces false positives.

Please add unit tests for this!

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