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Scoring Moodle sub categories within a quiz?

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Scoring Moodle sub categories within a quiz?

Using Moodle 3.1 .

I need to create a Moodle quiz that pulls a set number of questions at random from a number of 'sub-categories' for that quiz. i.e. selects 3 out of 6 for category A, selects 4 out of 8 from category B etc There would be 22 categories in all and in total 65 questions would be asked.

I can create the quiz as above and set an overall pass mark. The problem is that I need to set the scoring so that the student only achieves an overall pass if they correctly answer a minimum number of questions from each category. The minimum number/pass mark required varies between categories.

Does anyone have any idea if this is possible using standard functionality of Moodle 3.1, or later, without any code changes? If not are there any plugins?  Or any suggestions other than creating 22, very small, individual quizzes?


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Re: Scoring Moodle sub categories within a quiz?
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Hi Paul,

An interesting case, and I'm sure more teachers / course designers would like something like this to work in Moodle. Currently, the only way to set this up is through separate quizzes that pull random questions from the question bank's categories. These quizzes could be linked through Restrict access so all subsequent quizzes only come available after the previous one(s) have been completed. 

You could use the gradebook setup to properly display the final grade for all quizzes in the gradebook category, while hiding the grades for each individual quiz. 

The alternative would be looking at the Lesson module, but that has very limited quizzing possibilities.

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