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App release cadence

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App release cadence
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Hi all,

We were wondering if there's an agreed release cadence for the Mobile and Desktop apps?  For example, if a commit is made to the app today, when can we expect that change to be released?  If there's a predicable timeline for releases, it will be a great help to us in developing plugins so that we know what features of the app will be available by the time we make our release.

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Re: App release cadence
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Hi Mark,

we usually release a "major" version of the app when Moodle releases a new major version. So when Moodle 3.6 is out we'll release Moodle Mobile 3.6 (we usually release it 1 or 2 weeks later, depending on the amount of work we have).

Regarding minors, we also try to match Moodle minors too, although sometimes we release more if there's any major bug. Like above, sometimes there's a bit of delay between the Moodle minor and the Mobile minor releases.

This policy was broken during the Ionic 3 migration, we skipped a minor version in 3.4 and there was a huge delay after Moodle 3.5 release. AFAIK we'll resume the schedule above after 3.6.



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