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Web service Error ('args' parameter)

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Web service Error ('args' parameter)

Hello Moodle Community!

We have set up a web service to connect to an external system. The external system is called KuferSQL. We want to transfer all courses from KuferSQL to the Moodle Platform (version 3.4+). We have followed all steps to the activation of the web service just as explained in the Moodle documentation.  Our problem: By trying to connect to the external system to transfer a course to Moodle, we get an error message:

"The web service description parameter named 'args' is an single or multiple structure. It can not be set as VALUE_OPTIONAL. Check web service description."

Can someone help us? What does this message mean? What and where exactly should we something add or change? Who should solve this problem? The Moodle host, the KuferSQL operator, or the Moodle administrator? We (administrators) do not have direct access to the Moodle database only to the Moodle directory. We have been trying to solve this problem but we get not any further. We will be very grateful if someone could help us.

Thanks alot.


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Re: Web service Error ('args' parameter)

I have a similar issue related to setting up web services. I am using Iomad and have tested this originally in version 3.2 and it worked well. I am deploying a site and started fresh with Iomad 3.4, then tried 3.3 and have reverted to 3.2. I get a similar problem in all versions when attempting to create functions for my web service.

The error I see is:

Exception - Argument 1 passed to external_multiple_structure::__construct() must be an instance of external_description, array given, called in [dirroot]/blocks/iomad_company_admin/externallib.php on line 315

Have you managed to solve your issue?
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