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Has anyone tried the new core_enrol_edit_user_enrolment web services call?

I have managed to setup users, enrol users in courses via web services and all works fine.

I wanted to suspend a user from a course and see that you can now update the status of the enrolment (active, suspend) via core_enrol_edit_user_enrolment. 

The docs (from my site api docs page) are a little off and ambiguous for this call but when you dig down and see what the UI is doing and reverse engineer it you can see what id's its using I can manually set my parameters to the call and see the results. The problem is ueid appears to be the user enrolment id and I cant see a call I can make that returns that value. I can find out what courses a user is in but cant get hold of the euid. I can get the user id, the course id but not the user enrolment id which I guess is join between users and their enrolments.

Any ideas



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