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Integration round 2018-08-03 - Heat waves and Winter storms

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Integration round 2018-08-03 - Heat waves and Winter storms
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Cold, Hard, Numbers

27 issues have been successfully integrated, with 5 rejected and 8 delayed - that's 84% success.


  • There are 80 issues waiting for Peer review. We are working hard to bring this down and we appreciate any help from the community.
  • Deprecations are still ongoing and nearly complete. See MDL-54740 for more information.
  • We are close to finalising the 3.6 roadmap and we should have more information soon.
  • Don't forget about our guidelines for writing testing instructions. Following them really helps with our testing processes and ultimately helps us to get issues integrated more easily.

Hot topics

MDL-62983 - Participant filters lost when applying multiple filters MDL-57977 - Global Search doesn't find uesrs by alternate name field

Warm thanks

To our fabulous communications and events team as they plan for the four remaining MoodleMoots of 2018. Thanks to:
  • Chris
  • Claudia
  • Georgie
  • Husveen
  • Julia
  • Kaye
  • Mary; and
  • Stew
Find out more about some of our upcoming Moots:

From the cold, and wet plains of Perth, to the Heatwaves spreading across Europe, happy Moodleing.

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