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Bootstrap in Moodle web site and MMA

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Bootstrap in Moodle web site and MMA


I'm trying to build a Page activity using Bootstrap components (since they are available in Moodle 3.5). I noticed that they are not supported by the mobile app instead, the app just renders basic HTML tags.

Is there any components library  (HTML/CSS/JS) that is supported on both the web site and the mobile app?

If not, is there a way to reference styles and scripts into a course so that the mobile app will also use them, and render HTML components as Bootstrap or any other?

Many thanks for help.

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Re: Bootstrap in Moodle web site and MMA
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Since Ionic and Bootstrap css can have conflicts between them we cannot fully support bootstrap classes on Ionic. However we're going to add more and more support to specific classes in a near future.

Please follow the following issues to keep up with this topic:

Ionic mobile components can be found on but they are not supported on website.

Some bootstrap components are supported on mobile but we're working on adding more of them.



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