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Auto-Grading Discussion Forums

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Auto-Grading Discussion Forums

I have several different course sections that we are teaching where we have weekly discussion forms. These questions are opinion based and I want to be able to award their points for simple posting to the form. I know that it will show up on the activity completion report when a student has posted, but is there a way to set it up so that when the activity is complete it can award X amount of points?

This is a non-credit course that we are just teaching them how to use Moodle and other tools. 

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Re: Auto-Grading Discussion Forums
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Have you considered ratings? I understand there is a way to link ratings to the gradebook. I've never tried it, but I know peer assessment can be a powerful tool for students. 

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Matt Bury
Re: Auto-Grading Discussion Forums
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Hi Josh,

As Colin has noted, forum posts can be rated and those ratings can feed into the gradebook. Here's an article I wrote about implementing star ratings in Moodle: https://matbury.com/wordpress/2014/02/implementing-star-ratings-in-moodle/

If it's of any interest to you, I also wrote an article on a research paper that measured some negative effects of peer-rating systems on social media platforms, i.e. comments on news sites, which bear some similarities to typical discussion forum discussion and peer-rating tasks: https://matbury.com/wordpress/2014/05/ratings-systems-on-social-platforms-can-unexpected-effects/

I hope this helps! smile


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