Scales and Calculation in Gradebook

Scales and Calculation in Gradebook

When working with faculty, I strongly discourage anyone from using scales, if they want the gradebook to perform calculations.

Recently though, when helping a professor with a gradebook, the scales calculated in ways I did not anticipate. Please see attached screen shot.


  • The category (Discussions) is set to Natural Aggregation
  • There are five discussions in the category; all set to Satisfactory scale (Not satisfactory, Satisfactory, Outstanding).
  • Only one discussion is currently graded.
  • Exclude empty grades is unchecked.
  • Moodle 3.4.2 (Build: 20180319)
What I find puzzling is that all the students have the same category total, even though some were given Not Satisfactory or Outstanding. The percentage listed by the individual score reflects what I would expect.

Any help on understanding the category total? Thanks in advance.

Mary Beth