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Course section doesn't show html styles (moodle 3.5)

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Course section doesn't show html styles (moodle 3.5)
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Hi Daniel,

While mobile course shows font-awesome icons, the course section with html styles is not shown correctly (are show in plain text). Please, find attached and screenshot.

Please, could you confirm how we can represent in the mobile course the html styles in a label/section of a course?

Many thanks for your collaboration.



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Re: Course section doesn't show html styles (moodle 3.5)
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Hi Roger,

The Moodle 3.5 app currently supports fontawesome v4.7. So adding the propper HTML like:  <i class="fa fa-address-book" aria-hidden="true"></i> should be enough to show the icons propperly. There are some parts where html is not allowed (i.e activity titles) but ou would see the icons in any platform. If you want to add styles to that icons you should use inline styles or remote themes.

I hope this clarifies your doubt!



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