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First thoughts about Open Badges in MoodleNet

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Re: First thoughts about Open Badges in MoodleNet

Hi Philippe, all good points and questions (sorry, I've been away on holiday!)

With the demise of the Mozilla backpack, we should also think about how badges can and should be displayed within the Moodle ecosystem...

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Re: First thoughts about Open Badges in MoodleNet

Hi, Doug

nice article you shared!

I didn't know about Badgr ( or At their .com website they advertise being the solution to badges on Canvas  since recently.

For what I understood of the article, Badges are not dead or dying, it's just changed home and direction.

The IMS is the the same consortium that is in charge of LTI, another standard that Moodle supports.

The IMS has a certification program for software that support their standards.

Moodle 3.3 is on the list for the LTI (, but is not on the list for Open Badges ( The Badgr is on the list and for consequence, Canvas is implied.

It would be very nice to see Moodle on that list and also newer versions on the LTI list.

We can discuss that further (and ways to achieve that) if it makes sense for the group =)

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Re: First thoughts about Open Badges in MoodleNet

Exactly Doug, there's quiet a lot of work to do. 

I'm co-leading a project around OB for the CPD of our teachers and trainers (agricultural education)  in the field of education and technologies, so our work could feed this project. 

We have already written our specifications (type of badges,  validation process....). What we need now is to think beyond displaying" badges, and what kind of services to develop to make them useful within our ecosystem.

Currently we are using the Open bagde factory plugin that enables us to propose badges and badges claim forms without being dependent of one particular instance of Moodle.