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First thoughts about Open Badges in MoodleNet

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First thoughts about Open Badges in MoodleNet

Draft MoodleNet badges

It's early days for this kind of thing, but it's important to multi-track strands of projects such as MoodleNet. We're considering what kind of Open Badges we could use within the community ecosystem

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Re: First thoughts about Open Badges in MoodleNet


We could first discuss around what we want to achieve thanks to the functions of badges?

  • making visible : the skills, the projects, the trust, the roles
  • valuing : the commitment,  the expertise of our members
  • connecting : members within the language communities, and across the global community
  • building Moodle learning pathways
  • ...

Beside the type of badges  that can be created for the members of the community, we should also reflect on : 

  • how to claim them (filling a form ; self-claimed...)
  • how they are validated and issued (by peers, by an authority, automatically...) 
  • how they can be endorsed 
  • ...

What services do we have to develop to make Open badges usable inside the Moodle community but also outside ?

  • displaying Moodle badges on a Map ?
  • searching projects, skills, trainers, local groups ?
  • Enrolment method with a particular badge ? 
  • visualize trust between members through endorsements ?
  • ...