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Release on F-Droid

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Release on F-Droid

Hello, I wanted to ask whether you want to publish the app on

A lot of people seem to look at the list of new apps on there so that would be a big boost for publicity for Moodle.

Now, last time this question was asked there was a reply that the Moodle app is built using Phonegap and indeed F-Droid does not support Phonegap apps, but I found this:

> Special note on Cordova/Phonegap/HTML-Apps:

> We cannot build cordova apps directly, but recent version allows you to export the platform-specific code that can be build standalone using “gradle”. So for now we require this code to be present and up-to-date in the source repository.


So maybe you want to check that out.

Kind regards and thanks for working on this great learning platform that supports software freedom!


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