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Moodle needs to start again

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I just wanted to add/share this is also more broadly a problem/difficulty with educational technology. There are numerous tools available, but often what teachers do not receive is training and ongoing support. One off workshops really are ineffective for the vast majority of users. A lot of schools/departments for some reason feel like it isn't worth investing in despite it being necessary to more effectively leverage the potential and power of the tool at hand, whether it is Moodle, another LMS, some app, or some specific piece of hardware. This also applies to students as well since they often are assumed to easily understand and navigate websites but that is contextually very different from using a different complex tool for learning. 

At my university, most of the students in our department didn't even realize there was a dashboard on Moodle because the default landing page was/is set to the news feed with numerous other blocks on. It's not ideal but I'm not in charge of their installation, whereas the course dashboard would be a lot more relevant to students in terms of accessing a course, finding resources, activities, etc.. I even had some instructors e-mail me (as a student) asking questions about Moodle since they knew my job was being a Moodle admin. Ironic!

Where I currently work, part of my job is to conduct orientation to all new students (as well as faculty, but this is not frequent), and ongoing support on campus. It's just another way of being the traffic cop and getting students from "login to learning" as you described it earlier. Like you, I was somewhat surprised that my rather small department actually had/has a dedicated position for this. When I worked in K-12, I tried for several years to get one added (I taught and managed the LMS) as it was extremely difficult to do both time wise. Moreover, I couldn't be available for help when I was teaching a full load of classes. They never had thought about this at all, and to some degree later on, just assumed it was relatively easy to do. I was put in a position where I wanted to either teach full time, or do ed-tech admin full time and the school chose the former over the latter. Turned into complete chaos after that but this thinking (or lack thereof) goes back well into the 1990's  in the academic literature sadly.

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Re: Moodle needs to start again
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William, at the top of this Comparisons and Advocacy forum is a post from Chris K, that has been pinned to the top. If you go down a few responses, you will find some really interesting observations from Chris, about the points you raise. For me, that one discussion is perhaps the best ever in this forum and one of the best in all forums since I started using them more than a decade ago. 

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