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Moodle needs to start again

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An ex-Briton after Brexit, that makes sense, who wants to be around where the majority are happy to cut their own collective throat...unbelievable. 

As I said earlier, Moodle is quite complex, which is the second stage of technical development. First stage is easy and simple to use, second stage is complex and difficult to use, third stage is complex and easy to use. Most products don't make it through the second stage, but with enough criticisms for knowledgeable users, Moodle just might, if Devs listen, of course. What I have found on other products is the "Look at me, look at what I can do! Aren't I good, I did this really amazing thing that is just so complex." They resent it when you point out that what they did is not user friendly, and turns people away. 

I suspect Moodle needs to look at what it's doing and do a lot more consolidating work, instead of rushing headlong into new stuff. Now, that may not be said in the right language, with the right terminology, but in the end, Moodle needs now to move into the third stage, a simpler interface on top of a lot of black boxes, which is what I like about the Fordson Theme, it's still complex, but it is a lot more user friendly than some of its predecessors. For me, there needs to be a much bigger emphasis placed on usability, make things simpler, more ...erm...intuitive (not a term I like using). 

BTW, "intuitive" is a nonsense. That idea came from the Dark Side, and you will have seen that across all it's products, they have used the same toolbars, same icons for the same tasks. Others followed suit, obliging the Dark Side's drive for conformity. Web pages too have contributed to this, menu bars across the top or bottom, blue, underlined links, with a hand that appears when hovered on, web forms with labels left and data entry to the right (in English anyway), and so on. The question is only how can Moodle use these communal features to a better advantage?  



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