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New items on menu on Moodle mobile 3.5

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New items on menu on Moodle mobile 3.5

I want to add new item on menu on Moodle mobile 3.5 to make new plugin

I have tried many way, but it not affected.

i tried to added into core\mainmenu\pages\menu\menu.html, but i clicked it show "Invalid link: item":

<core-ion-tab root="item" [tabTitle]="'item' | translate" tabIcon="icon"></core-ion-tab>

So, how to i can add new item to menu?

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Re: New items on menu on Moodle mobile 3.5
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Unfortunately our core team do not have the resources here to help people use the open source code version to build custom apps. We provide a service where we can customise the app for anyone who needs it including the Push notifications (Airnotifier) service management. This service helps fund the improvement of the app in general:

I’d recommend you to check the documentation links that are available in the Forum main page or hopefully somebody else in this forum will be able to help you.

Kind regards,


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