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Customising "Site home"

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Customising "Site home"

Hi everyone

I'm currently trying to muddle my way through customising the Moodle Mobile App so that our users can make use of it.  One of the areas I'm struggling with is customising the "site home" on the Mobile.

On the web version of the homepage, it displays really nicely and looks great - but on the Moodle Mobile App is looks really bad.  I've seen some examples where they've made the Mobile App look like they've got really attractive buttons, etc,  Is there a guide or any help how to achieve this / design the Mobile App version of the site home?

Or perhaps I can I edit the home screen for the Moodle Mobile App separately to the ordinary web version? 

Any help would be really appreciated.

Kind regards


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Re: Customising "Site home"

same question as i asked it before too

i found out that the html and typescript files of site home are in this path:

src->core->site home

but in that situation when you build the app the pages would be static and cannot be changed

so i couldn't find a solution as i think that according to the current moodle mobile structure it's impossible some how

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Re: Customising "Site home"
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Hi Ted,

we had some styles to make links look like buttons using Ionic 1, but we haven't updated those styles yet (we need to apply them to one of our sites too) so they don't work in v3.5.1. I'll let you know once we've fixed that.



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